Airports located in Rondônia

The following is a list of all airports and airport codes found in Rondônia.

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Name IATA Code Type Size City State/Province Country
Ariquemes Airport AQM airport Local Ariquemes Rondônia Brazil
Colorado do Oeste Airport CSW airport Local Colorado do Oeste Rondônia Brazil
Costa Marques Airport CQS airport Local Costa Marques Rondônia Brazil
Governador Jorge Teixeira de Oliveira International Airport PVH airport Regional Porto Velho Rondônia Brazil
Guajará-Mirim Airport GJM airport Regional Guajara-Mirim Rondônia Brazil
Ji-Paraná Airport JPR airport Local Ji-Paraná Rondônia Brazil
Pimenta Bueno Airport PBQ airport Local Pimenta Bueno Rondônia Brazil
Vilhena Airport BVH airport Local Vilhena Rondônia Brazil