Guajará-Mirim Airport code (GJM)

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Guajará-Mirim Airport is an airport in Brazil . It is located in the municipality of Guajará-Mirim and the state of Rondônia , in the western part of the country, 2,000 km west of the capital Brasília . Guajará-Mirim Airport is 141 meters above sea level.

Airport Information

Airport Name: Guajará-Mirim Airport
Airport Keywords: Guajara-Mirim
Airport (IATA) Code: GJM


State: Rondônia
Country: Brazil (BR)
Continent: South America
Full Location: Guajara-Mirim, RO, Brazil


Latitude: -10.788014
Longitude: -65.281041
Elevation: 478 (Feet)

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