More than just utilitarian gateways to cities and countries, these beautiful airports have become national icons themselves. Explore the world’s most beautiful airports below, now boarding.

20 Things Only Travellers Understand

Traveling is something all of us do. Some go all over the world, some take a bus to work, and some go down the stairs sometimes to get breakfast. But only one of those groups will understand these twenty things – this one is for the world travellers.

Things to do on a long haul flight

There is no denying the simple fact – a long distance flight can be a hellish experience. Sat in the same space for hours at a time, waiting to be woken up by the person to your left and hoping the person to your right will wake up or stop snoring soon. But there are great ways to pass the time. Here are ten…

Ten things to do in London

London. The original concrete jungle. One of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, a beacon of history, culture and sport – the city is always alive. The list of things to do is endless, but here are ten things to start with…

Berlin Brandenburg Airport: The Story of a Perpetually Delayed Airport

We have all heard the familiar drone of the airport announcement, uttering the dreadful words: Your flight has been delayed. We groan at the announcement and feel personally affronted by the news. So spare a thought for the citizens of Berlin. For the last six years, they have been waiting. Each year, they have heard the familiar drone and made the familiar groan. For them, it is no airplane that is delayed. Rather, the entire airport.

How to limit your airport time

Travelling by air is already stressful enough, but your airport habits can also be adding to what I like to call ‘’airport anxiety’’, something that slows you down without your knowledge. In order to have a stress free airport experience, and to maximize the short space of time you have to do everything , planning ahead is key. 

Here are some tips from our experience, to get through the airport in a less stressful, more efficient way.

Top 10 Airplane Movies

Nowadays, it seems like you can watch any film whenever you want. And we think that’s actually pretty great. Because it means you can find a way to watch all the fantastic films about airplanes/airports there are out there. But given there are so many, we thought we best make some recommendations. So here are our top ten airplane movies! 

The top 10 scariest runways in the world

Taking off and landing an airplane are done millions of times every year, by the most proficient of pilots. It seems simple enough; you take the plane from land to sky, and back again?

This is certainly true. But it is also true that there are better runways to land on than others! There are some seriously scary runways at airports around the world. Here are our top ten…

Why should my travel website use a data feed?

We here at Air-Port-Codes have created the leading data feed for airport codes around the world. We have airport codes and information on all of the 9,000+ airports from over 220 countries. Our data feed of airport data is constantly growing and being updated and refined, meaning our database will only get better and better.

The 10 most expensive airports ever built

Airports play a role in contributing to a country’s economy. Ambitious projects often cost billions, in the hopes that it can generate more with tourism and travel. With more people trotting the globe than ever before, airports are expanding and upgrading at unprecedented rates. These are the top 10 airports that have spared no expense in building out of this world airports.

Things to do in an airport

An airport can be a challenging and even boring place to spend your day. And while there may be shops to spend money in, restaurants to eat in and line-ups to complain in, is there more to life in the airport? 

Here are seven things you can do to spend your time, and save your money…

Making sense of those 3-letter airport codes

For most airport locations, the first three letters of the city are enough information. Boston uses BOS; Miami is MIA, Madrid is MAD, and so on. In some cases, the codes are easy to understand, but only if you are familiar with the entire name of the airport in question. DFW is Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, and Salt Lake City uses SLC. However, there are many cases this does not make sense. 

Top 10 busiest airports in the world

Last year, over 1.2 billion people travelled around the world. As passenger volumes continue to scale to record highs, we are eager to highlight the ten busiest airports in the world. Once again, Hartsfield-Jackson-Atlanta International Airport continues to reign the skies at the world’s busiest airport, with more than 100 million passengers in 2015.

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