Why should my travel website use a data feed?

We here at Air-Port-Codes have created the leading data feed for airport codes around the world. We have airport codes and information on all of the 9,000+ airports from over 220 countries. Our data feed of airport data is constantly growing and being updated and refined, meaning our database will only get better and better.

But what does this mean to you? How can our data feed help your travel website? Well let’s start with the basics…

What is a data feed?

A data feed is a live stream of information that is constantly being updated from its sources. Your Facebook news feed is a great example of a data feed. It is a constantly updating list of new information from all the places you have asked for data from, be it pages you like, groups you are a member of or your friends and their updates. 

What's so great about a data feed?

Imagine trying to collect by yourself every bit of life news all your high-school friends thought was worth sharing. Now, also add in every bit of news your work colleagues also want to share. Now, also add in all the latest cat related videos released every day. Now add all the latest football news too. Exhausted yet? Well, a data feed collates all this information for you in one neat and handy place so you don’t have to.

Hang on, how does this relate to my travel website?

Well, a pretty key part of travelling is the actual travelling part. One of the most popular means of travelling is flying, and until we perfect teleportation, it is always going to be. This means people need information on airports and you should be able to offer this to them. Now, there are a whole lot of commercial airports on the world. There’s 25 just in Texas alone! If you want your website to be useful, you better get started on importing our data feed with a complete list of airports and their airport codes. 

Sounds like a lot of hard work, right? Sounds like a long, long time to even start to scratch the surface. Well, that’s where we can help. 

We've done the hard part for you

We make it easy to load our data feed and we can instantly feed airport codes into your website from over 9,000 airports in 227 countries. Your users can easily search for airports, and our advanced search algorithms offer them the most relevant airports for their search results. A data feed as advanced as ours will provide speed and caching abilities that come right out of the box from the second we get set up.

The data feed has been personally and painstakingly vetted, ensuring it is 100% accurate and reliable. The complex search algorithms have been developed over time to ensure that searches give the best and most relevant results. Searches return the most important airports, sorted by a variety of means, including airport size and servicing area. 

Our data feed is currently being used by hundreds of websites, who are all constantly accessing our data, meaning it is fully tested and functional. It is also optimized for speed, so even if hundreds more join the party, it will still only ever take milliseconds for your searches to complete.

Your requests will return in JSON format. JSON is dead easy to read from any other coding language. This means we can integrate simply and quickly. JSON is also very compact, meaning less weight on the wire, so your users get their search suggestions instantly as our data comes to you at light speed.

We're not done yet!

New features and end points are being added constantly. We are always working to refine and perfect. Although we already have all the airport codes for every major airport in the world, there are hundreds of new airports built every year, so no time for resting on our laurels. Our airport codes list is constantly expanding to include even more airport codes from around the world. All new airport codes are integrated within the algorithms so they appear in all relevant searches. Only our service ensures your website’s data is reliably up to date.

It gets even better

If you didn’t think all of this was awesome enough, what if I told you that adding our data feed to your website is incredibly cost effective. Our subscriptions start from as little as $5. You can access our 9,000+ airport codes for a very, very low cost. And by doing everything in JSON, we can be set up in minutes. So what are you waiting for? Get your free airport codes api key now so we can help grow your website today. 

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