Airports located in Beni

The following is a list of all airports and airport codes found in Beni.

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Name IATA Code Type Size City State/Province Country
Baures Airport BVL airport Local Baures Beni Bolivia
Capitán Germán Quiroga Guardia Airport SRJ airport Local San Borja Beni Bolivia
Guayaramerín Airport GYA airport Local Guayaramerín Beni Bolivia
Huacaraje Airport BVK airport Local Huacaraje Beni Bolivia
Magdalena Airport MGD airport Local Magdalena Beni Bolivia
Reyes Airport REY airport Local Reyes Beni Bolivia
Riberalta Airport RIB airport Local Riberalta Beni Bolivia
Rurrenabaque Airport RBQ airport Local Rurrenabaque Beni Bolivia
San Ignacio de Moxos Airport SNM airport Local San Ignacio de Moxos Beni Bolivia
San Joaquin Airport SJB airport Local San Joaquín Beni Bolivia
San Ramon Airport SRD airport Local San Ramón Beni Bolivia
Santa Ana del Yacuma Airport SBL airport Local Santa Ana del Yacuma Beni Bolivia
Santa Rosa De Yacuma Airport SRB airport Local Santa Rosa Beni Bolivia
Teniente Jorge Henrich Arauz Airport TDD airport Regional Trinidad Beni Bolivia