Airports located in Bahia

The following is a list of all airports and airport codes found in Bahia.

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Name IATA Code Type Size City State/Province Country
Itubera Airport ITE airport Local Itubera Bahia Brazil
Alagoinhas Airport QGS airport Local Alagoinhas Bahia Brazil
Barra Airport BQQ airport Local Barra Bahia Brazil
Barreiras Airport BRA airport Local Barreiras Bahia Brazil
Belmonte Airport BVM airport Local Belmonte Bahia Brazil
Bom Jesus da Lapa Airport LAZ airport Local Bom Jesus da Lapa Bahia Brazil
Cachoeira Airport CCQ airport Local Cachoeira Bahia Brazil
Canavieiras Airport CNV airport Local Canavieiras Bahia Brazil
Caravelas Airport CRQ airport Regional Caravelas Bahia Brazil
Coronel Horácio de Mattos Airport LEC airport Local Chapada Diamantina National Park Bahia Brazil
Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport SSA airport Regional Salvador Bahia Brazil
Feira de Santana Airport FEC airport Local Feira de Santana Bahia Brazil
Guanambi Airport GNM airport Local Guanambi Bahia Brazil
Ilhéus Jorge Amado Airport IOS airport Regional Ilhéus Bahia Brazil
Ipiaú Airport IPU airport Local Ipiaú Bahia Brazil
Irecê Airport IRE airport Local Irecê Bahia Brazil
Itapetinga Airport QIT airport Local Itapetinga Bahia Brazil
Jacobina Airport JCM airport Local Jacobina Bahia Brazil
Jequié Airport JEQ airport Local Jequié Bahia Brazil
Mucuri Airport MVS airport Local Mucuri Bahia Brazil
Paulo Afonso Airport PAV airport Local Paulo Alfonso Bahia Brazil
Porto Seguro Airport BPS airport Regional Porto Seguro Bahia Brazil
Prado Airport PDF airport Local Prado Bahia Brazil
Socrates Mariani Bittencourt Airport BMS airport Local Brumado Bahia Brazil
Una-Comandatuba Airport UNA airport Local Una Bahia Brazil
Vitória da Conquista Airport VDC airport Local Vitória Da Conquista Bahia Brazil