Things to do on a long haul flight

There is no denying the simple fact – a long distance flight can be a hellish experience. Sat in the same space for hours at a time, waiting to be woken up by the person to your left and hoping the person to your right will wake up or stop snoring soon. But there are great ways to pass the time. Here are ten…

10. Learn a Language 

This may seem a bold suggestion. Certainly, there is little chance you will master a language from your seat. But if you travel often, why not learn a language? It will make it easier to get a much-needed drink the other side! 

9. Write a Postcard 

So much of your time on holiday, or in a foreign place is spent away from your friends and family. If you do write a card, chances are it is brief. All you say is: this is where I am. So take some time. Write the postcard on the plane, so you can really think about what you say.

8. Make a New Friend

In the modern world, it might seem like a radical idea. When you can call your mom from thirty thousand feet, why would you talk to someone you don’t know? Good question. But why not give it a shot anyway. 

7. Plan a Holiday

Chances are, if you are on a long distance flight, it is not for pleasure. There is a reason the customs agent asks “business or pleasure”. And if it is the former, take a minute on your flight to plan a trip for pleasure. 

6. Read Your Book 

The plane is a space you cannot be contacted, and should not be interrupted. In a world of constant communication, it is a space to escape the world. Take advantage of that. Read the novel you have lugged around for months, or the magazine you used to read. 

5. Test Yourself 

Nowadays, with flights having so many entertainment options, it can be easy to switch off by turning on the TV. Don’t. Treat your brain to the academic rigour and intellectual curiosity it craves. Test yourself on the quizzes, do the crossword of the paper, or challenge your geographical knowledge. 

4. Remember Your Roots

When flying over foreign lands, it’s easy to forget the fact of your own identity. Lost in the clouds, it is hard to remember your own roots. Close your eyes. Think about your family, your friends and your home. 

3. Sleep 

This may become a byproduct of number 4. And that is ok! In a fast moving world on a faster moving airplane, it is difficult to find the time to sleep well. If you have the chance of a few hours alone – take the time! Get some sleep!

2. Appreciate the Arts

The airplane has a constant, dull noise. So cancel it out. Download some new music before you fly, and actually take the time to enjoy it fully. Not while doing something else. Not to show off to friends. No. Enjoy the music itself. Chances are, you’ll find something you love. 

1. Take a Break 

This is the overriding them of all advice here. It might be an opportunity to catch up on work, or prepare for a meeting. It will be so tempting to fill your free time with administrative tasks. But avoid this at all costs. Flying on a long distance flight is an astonishing achievement. It’s not a place to work – take a break!

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