Airport codes API overview

Our airport codes API can be accessed from nearly any programming language but we find it is best accessed through a simple AJAX request on the frontend or a Curl script on the backend. Our instructions should help you understand how to connect to our API and assume you will connect through an Ajax request using jQuery. A JSONP (cross-domain JSON) response will occur and the results quickly parsed to display appropriately. You should find a benefit to using our Interactive tool which also provides a curl script for your server.

Please ensure that you are using your API Key which can be found in your Air-port-codes account. If you are accessing the api from an app that won't provide a referrer header then you will need to use an API Secret Key to connect. This key can also be found in your account.

If you are using a front-end JavaScript based form, our Node.js (NPM) Install is the quickest way for you to get your form working without too much trouble. Just follow the instructions at the provided NPM link and the documentation for each endpoint and you should be up and running in no time.

Download our example code which includes useful javascript and PHP libraries that will help you get things working quickly. Make sure you add your API key in the samples provided. Your API key can be found in your account.

You can also use our Interactive REST tool to help you test out the airport codes API and refine your search queries the way you desire.


Action URL Method Docs Demo Sandbox
The easiest way to build an airport autocomplete field /api/v1/autocomplete POST read use it try it
Finds a list of airports matching search term /api/v1/multi POST read use it try it
Finds a single airport matching an airport IATA code /api/v1/single POST read use it try it
Retrieves all countries and their ISO /api/v1/countries POST read use it try it
Retrieves all districts (states/provinces) of any country /api/v1/states POST read use it try it