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  • First 2 weeks free demo period
  • Free email support
  • Connect from unlimited websites
  • Access to all our APIs
  • No daily limits

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  • Corporal

    1,000 credits


    $0.005 / credit
    200 credits / $1
  • Sergeant

    4,400 credits


    Save 10%
    220 credits / $1
  • Lieutenant

    11,500 credits


    Save 15%
    230 credits / $1
  • Captain

    24,000 credits


    Save 20%
    240 credits / $1
  • Major

    125,000 credits


    Save 25%
    250 credits / $1
  • Colonel

    800,000 credits


    Save 33%
    267 credits / $1

* All prices are in USD currency. 1 Credit allows for 1 request to the Air-port-codes API service.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a credit?

One credit is a single successful request to the Air-port-codes API service. If you access any of our end points from your account, it will use up 1 of your alloted credits. When using our interactive REST tool your credits will not be affected.

When will I get billed?

Each subscription plan is setup with recurring payments, so you will never run out of credits. When you run out of credits we will bill your account again and renew your credits with the same plan that you previously registered with. The auto-renewal feature can be turned off in your account settings, if you don't want it to bill you again when your credits run out.

How can I change my subscription plan to another one?

To change your subsription plan, simply purchase a new one, your additional credits will be added to your credit total and any subsequent recurring purchases will use the new plan.

If I buy a subscription, will my free demo plan end?

No. Your credits will not begin counting down until your demo period has expired. You essentially get a free 2 weeks of API access before your credits will start being used. If your demo period ends without having any credits in your account, you will loose access to the Airport codes API.

What if I run out of credits in my account?

If you leave the default of recurring billing turned on in your account, you should never run out of credits. Your credit card will continually be billed when you run out of credits.

We also provide up-to-the-minute statistics in your account so you can monitor the requests made for your account and keep an eye on your Air-port-codes credits.

I can't find a subscription plan that works for me?

If you can't find the right plan for your needs contact us and we can help accomodate your budget and requirements.

Have more questions? Send us a message.