Single airport request - variables

Name Type Description
name String The name of the airport.
full_location String The airport address.
city String The city the airport resides in.
state Object The state the airport resides in. An object with the name, abbreviation and type of the state. The type of region is also provided (eg. State, Province, Municipality, County, District, etc). The type can vary depending on the country.
country Object The country the airport resides in. An object with the name and iso of the country.
continent Object The continent the airport resides in. An object with the name and abbreviation of the continent.
iata String The iata airport code.
type String The type of airport. Options are airport, seaplanes, heliport, railway and group.
latitude String The latitude for the airport.
longitude String The longitude for the airport.
elevation String The elevation for the airport.
website String The website of the airport.

Example response

The response will be in typical json fashion. The following response is from a search request for the iata code "jfk".

        "name":"John F. Kennedy International Airport",
        "city":"New York City",
        "full_location":"New York City, NY, United States",
            "name":"United States",
            "name":"New York",
            "name":"North America"

An error response will look like this.

    "message":"No results found for search term.",