Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport code (XFW)

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Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport is a private airport in the quarter of Finkenwerder, in the southwest part of Hamburg, Germany. It is part of the Hamburg plant of Airbus and is exclusively used by them for corporate, freight, test and delivery flights. The airfield was built about 10 years after World War II, originally as a factory airfield. In 1964 the third prototype of the Transall C-160 made its first flight from the airport.

Airport Information

Airport Name: Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport
Airport Keywords: Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport
Airport (IATA) Code: XFW


City: Hamburg
State: Hamburg
Country: Germany (DE)
Continent: Europe
Full Location: Hamburg, HH, Germany


Latitude: 53.532837
Longitude: 9.836255
Elevation: 18 (Feet)

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