Fagernes Airport, Leirin code (VDB)

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Fagernes Airport, Leirin is serves Fagernes, in the municipality of Nord-Aurdal, Oppland county, Norway. It also serves the surrounding valleys of Valdres, Hallingdal and Gudbrandsdal in Southern Norway, 190 kilometers from Oslo. Opened in 1987, it is owned and operated by state-owned Avinor. The airport was originally planned as a conventional regional airport, but during its construction it was redesigned to accommodate larger jet aircraft.

Airport Information

Airport Name: Fagernes Airport, Leirin
Airport Keywords: Fagernes Airport
Airport (IATA) Code: VDB


City: Fagernes
County: Oppland
Country: Norway (NO)
Continent: Europe
Full Location: Fagernes, Oppland, Norway


Latitude: 61.009102
Longitude: 9.294345
Elevation: 2694 (Feet)

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