Bonriki International Airport code (TRW)

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Bonriki International Airport is located in its capital, South Tarawa, which a group of islets in the atoll of Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands. It serves as the main gateway to the country. Built in 1943 by the U.S. Navy as Mullinix Field, Bonriki International gets its three-letter airport code from its location in the atoll of TaRaWa.

Airport Information

Airport Name: Bonriki International Airport
Airport Keywords: Bonriki Intl
Airport (IATA) Code: TRW


City: Tarawa
Country: Kiribati (KI)
Continent: Oceanic
Full Location: Tarawa, Kiribati


Latitude: 1.381568
Longitude: 173.146996
Elevation: 28 (Feet)

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