Saint-Brieuc - Armor Airport code (SBK)

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Saint-Brieuc - Armor Airport is an airport situated 7.5 km northwest of Saint-Brieuc, a commune of the Côtes-d'Armor department in the Brittany (Bretagne) region of northwestern France. The airport is located in Trémuson and is also referred to as the Saint-Brieuc - Trémuson Airport. The airport is also a maintenance base for Atlantic Air Industries (AAI) which specialises in the overhaul and maintenance of regional and commuter airliners. The company occupies a large hangar on site.

Airport Information

Airport Name: Saint-Brieuc - Armor Airport
Airport Keywords: Saint Brieuc Armor
Airport (IATA) Code: SBK


Region: Bretagne
Country: France (FR)
Continent: Europe
Full Location: Saint-Brieuc, BT, France


Latitude: 48.534728
Longitude: -2.854804
Elevation: 446 (Feet)

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