Lasham Airfield code (QLA)

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Lasham Airfield is an aerodrome located 5.8 km north-west of Alton in Hampshire, England, in the village of Lasham. It was built in 1942 and was a RAF Station during the Second World War, many significant operations being flown from it. The RAF ceased operations at Lasham in 1948, but a military aircraft company, General Aircraft Ltd, continued to fly from the airfield. From 1951 the main activity at Lasham airfield became recreational gliding.

Airport Information

Airport Name: Lasham Airfield
Airport Keywords: Lasham
Airport (IATA) Code: QLA


City: Lasham
County: Avon
Continent: Europe
Full Location: Lasham, Hampshire, United Kingdom


Latitude: 51.185424
Longitude: -1.033172
Elevation: 586 (Feet)

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