Osvaldo Vieira International Airport code (OXB)

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Osvaldo Vieira International Airport is the only international airport in Guinea-Bissau, located in the capital city Bissau. Guinea-Bissau’s only international airport gets its three-letter code from its name, Osvaldo Viera International, plus the city of Bissau, plus a filler ‘X’ in between. Previously known as Bissalanca, during the Guinea-Bissau War of Independence 1963–1974 it was used as a base by the Portuguese Air Force.

Airport Information

Airport Name: Osvaldo Vieira International Airport
Airport Keywords: Osvaldo Vieira Intl
Airport (IATA) Code: OXB


City: Bissau
Continent: Africa
Full Location: Bissau, Bissau Autonomous Sector, Guinea-Bissau


Latitude: 11.888889
Longitude: -15.657222
Elevation: 126 (Feet)

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