Bucholz Army Airfield code (KWA)

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Bucholz Army Airfield is a United States Army airfield located on Kwajalein Island, Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands. Its position is ideal for refueling during trans-Pacific flights, and the airport is available to civilians through Air Marshall Islands and United Airlines. Bucholz Army Airfield was initially built by the Japanese in 1943 as part of a large naval base.

Airport Information

Airport Name: Bucholz Army Airfield
Airport Keywords: Bucholz Aaf
Airport (IATA) Code: KWA


City: Kwajalein
Atoll: Kwajalein
Continent: Oceanic
Full Location: Kwajalein, Kwajalein, Marshall Islands


Latitude: 8.720727
Longitude: 167.731380
Elevation: 5 (Feet)

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