Førde Airport, Bringeland code (FDE)

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Førde Airport, Bringeland is a regional airport located at Bringelandsåsen in the municipality of Gaular, about 16 kilometers south of the town of Førde in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. Starting in 1970, the town of Førde was served by Førde Airport, Øyrane, located in an industrial site in town and with poor operational conditions.

Airport Information

Airport Name: Førde Airport, Bringeland
Airport Keywords: Forde Bringeland
Airport (IATA) Code: FDE


City: Førde
Country: Norway (NO)
Continent: Europe
Full Location: Førde, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
Website: Avinor.no


Latitude: 61.391427
Longitude: 5.758601
Elevation: 1041 (Feet)

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