Enontekiö Airport code (ENF)

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Enontekiö Airport is an airport located in Enontekiö, Finnish Lapland,9.3 km west southwest of Hetta, the municipal centre of Enontekiö. It is mainly used for charter flights during the winter, particularly those of UK tour operator Transun, whose passengers account for 80% of the airport's passenger volume.

Airport Information

Airport Name: Enontekiö Airport
Airport Keywords: Enontekio
Airport (IATA) Code: ENF


Province: Lapland
Country: Finland (FI)
Continent: Europe
Full Location: Enontekiö, Lapland, Finland
Website: Finavia.fi


Latitude: 68.360579
Longitude: 23.420517
Elevation: 984 (Feet)

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