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Comiso Airport is located in the Sicilian town of Comiso in the Ragusa province. The airport serves Comiso (5 km/3 miles from it), Ragusa (15 km/9.3 miles from it), Vittoria and Gela. It changed from military to civil use during 2005–2008. The airport was opened to commercial and general aviation 30 May 2013. Magliocco Aerodromo was dedicated in 1936 and named in honor of Major General Vincenzo Magliocco, the first Sicilian to become a general officer in the Italian Air Force. Magliocco had been killed in the Ethiopian war in 1936.

Airport Information

Airport Name: Comiso Airport
Airport Keywords: Vincenzo Magliocco Airport
Airport (IATA) Code: CIY


City: Comiso
Region: Sicily
Country: Italy (IT)
Continent: Europe
Full Location: Comiso, Sicily, Italy


Latitude: 36.997410
Longitude: 14.607427
Elevation: 720 (Feet)

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