Cherbourg - Maupertus Airport code (CER)

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Cherbourg - Maupertus Airport is an airport located 11 km east of Cherbourg-Octeville, between Maupertus-sur-Mer and Gonneville. These are all communes of the Manche département in the Basse-Normandie région of France. The airport was first built in 1937 as a French Air Force military airfield.

Airport Information

Airport Name: Cherbourg - Maupertus Airport
Airport Keywords: Cherbourg Maupertus
Airport (IATA) Code: CER


City: Cherbourg
Country: France (FR)
Continent: Europe
Full Location: Cherbourg, BN, France


Latitude: 49.650180
Longitude: -1.470986
Elevation: 445 (Feet)

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