Alexandroupolis Airport code (AXD)

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Alexandroupolis Airport is an airport 7 km east of Alexandroupolis to North East Greece on main national road E90. It is located near the village of Apalos, which belongs to the municipality of Alexandroupoli. The airport was built in 1944. In 1955 it became an international airport whereas the current buildings and runway were constructed in 1975. The airport was named after Democritus, the ancient philosopher born in Abdera.

Airport Information

Airport Name: Alexandroupolis Airport
Airport Keywords: Alexandroupolis Dimokritos
Airport (IATA) Code: AXD


Country: Greece (GR)
Continent: Europe
Full Location: Alexandroupoli, MT, Greece


Latitude: 40.856667
Longitude: 25.956667
Elevation: 13 (Feet)

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