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Minami Daito Airport is an airport in Minamidaitō, Shimajiri District, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Only a round flight from Naha, to Minami-Daito and Kitadaitō, back to Naha is operated every day. The route differs on the day of the week. Flight from Kitadaito to Minamidaitō is the shortest flight in Japan, costs JPY¥7,600, and is only 12 km (7.5 mi) long, takes 3 minutes in the air. The original Minamidaito Airport began as an air base for the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1934. The first civilian operations began in March 1961.

Airport Information

Airport Name: Minami Daito Airport
Airport Keywords: Minami Daito
Airport (IATA) Code: MMD


Country: Japan (JP)
Continent: Asia
Full Location: Minami Daito, Okinawa (沖縄県), Japan


Latitude: 25.841389
Longitude: 131.247220
Elevation: 167 (Feet)

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