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Kokura Airport was a small airport in Kokura Minami-ku, Kitakyūshū, Japan. There used to be four flights to and from Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) every day. The runway was 1,600 m (5,249 ft) long, so large jets could not use it. It is now commonly referred to as Kokura, its location, to distinguish it from the New Kitakyushu Airport (renamed Kitakyushu Airport in 2008), an offshore airport built on a man-made island in Suo nada, the most westerly part of the Seto Inland Sea.

Airport Information

Airport Name: Kokura Airport
Airport Keywords: Kitaky?sh? Airport
Airport (IATA) Code: KKJ


Country: Japan (JP)
Continent: Asia
Full Location: Kita Kyushu, Saga (佐賀県), Japan


Latitude: 33.842793
Longitude: 131.033750
Elevation: 21 (Feet)

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