Airports located in Hokkaidō (北海道)

The following is a list of all airports and airport codes found in Hokkaidō (北海道).

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Name IATA Code Type Size City State/Province Country
Asahikawa Airport AKJ airport Regional Asahikawa Hokkaidō (北海道) Japan
Hakodate Airport HKD airport Regional Hakodate Hokkaidō (北海道) Japan
Kushiro Airport KUH airport Regional Kushiro Hokkaidō (北海道) Japan
Memanbetsu Airport MMB airport Regional Memanbetsu Hokkaidō (北海道) Japan
Monbetsu Airport MBE airport Regional Monbetsu Hokkaidō (北海道) Japan
Nakashibetsu Airport SHB airport Local Nakashibetsu Hokkaidō (北海道) Japan
New Chitose Airport CTS airport Intl Sapporo Hokkaidō (北海道) Japan
Okadama Airport OKD airport Local Sapporo Hokkaidō (北海道) Japan
Okushiri Airport OIR airport Local Okushiri Hokkaidō (北海道) Japan
Rebun Airport RBJ closed Local Rebun Hokkaidō (北海道) Japan
Rishiri Airport RIS airport Local Rishiri Island Hokkaidō (北海道) Japan
Sapporo - All Airports SPK airport Multiple Sapporo Hokkaidō (北海道) Japan
Tokachi-Obihiro Airport OBO airport Regional Obihiro Hokkaidō (北海道) Japan
Wakkanai Airport WKJ airport Local Wakkanai Hokkaidō (北海道) Japan