Es-Sénia – Ahmed Ben Bella Airport code (ORN)

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Es-Sénia – Ahmed Ben Bella Airport is an airport located 8.7 km south of Oran, near Es Sénia, in Algeria. During World War II, La Sénia Airport was first used by the French Air Force as a military airfield, first by the Armée de l'Air, and after June 1940, by the Armistice Air Force of the Vichy government. La Sénia was one of the primary objectives of the assault on Oran on 9 November. A paratroop task force was to be directly seize La Sénia, with an armored task force to thrust inland to insure the capture of the field.

Airport Information

Airport Name: Es-Sénia – Ahmed Ben Bella Airport
Airport Keywords: Es Senia
Airport (IATA) Code: ORN


City: Oran
Province: Oran Province
Country: Algeria (DZ)
Continent: Africa
Full Location: Oran, Oran Province, Algeria


Latitude: 35.620355
Longitude: -0.606070
Elevation: 305 (Feet)

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