NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen code (GKE)

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NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen is located near Geilenkirchen, Germany. It is the Main Operating Base of the NATO Boeing E-3 Sentry Component, one of two operational elements of the NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control Force. NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen is located in the Federal Republic of Germany, near the village of Teveren and six kilometers west of the town of Geilenkirchen. Surrounded by farmland and a natural woodland reserve, the base was originally built by the Royal Air Force after World War II and operated as RAF Geilenkirchen from 1953 onwards.

Airport Information

Airport Name: NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen
Airport Keywords: Geilenkirchen
Airport (IATA) Code: GKE


Country: Germany (DE)
Continent: Europe
Full Location: Geilenkirchen, NW, Germany


Latitude: 50.960556
Longitude: 6.042500
Elevation: 258 (Feet)

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